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company news about What should pay attention to when selecting materials for commodity molds

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What should pay attention to when selecting materials for commodity molds
Latest company news about What should pay attention to when selecting materials for commodity molds

The mass production of daily necessities is basically completed through the relevant daily necessities molds, and it is precisely because of the existence of molds that people can buy basically the same products. Therefore, the model is very important for the supplies industry, so what should be paid attention to in the selection of mold materials for daily necessities? Let's get to know.


1: Abrasion resistance


Wear resistance is very important for commodity molds, so we need to consider this aspect when selecting materials, and ingredients will rub repeatedly in the mold during production, so if the wear resistance is relatively poor, mold damage or wear is very easy to occur once it is used for a long time, and there will be errors for the products produced, In fact, the product error has a specified range. If the error is very large, then it cannot be used. Therefore, if the material is poor, it will cause unnecessary cost waste, and the overall use time is relatively short.


2: Strength and toughness


In terms of strength and toughness, it is mainly because the working environment of most commodity dies is not a relatively good one, and they actually need to bear a large stamping load for a long time during use. Therefore, if the strength and toughness are poor, it is very easy to lead to brittle fracture. If brittle fracture occurs in the process of use, there will be a relatively large overall problem. Therefore, when selecting materials for commodity molds, we should make certain requirements on strength and toughness. In fact, we can judge this by the carbon content of materials, organizational state and other details.


3: Fatigue fracture property


The requirements for the fatigue training performance of the materials of commodity molds are mainly to avoid the fatigue fracture of the materials in long-term use. Because in the specific use process, small energy repeated impact is very easy to cause such problems, so if the effect is relatively poor, it is very easy to fracture in the use process, leading to other hidden safety problems. Oh, for the specific details in this regard, you can consider the strength, toughness and hardness of the material itself, and even learn about the specific composition ratio. If there are many impurities, there is a high probability of problems in this area.


4: High temperature performance


The molds are basically used in the high temperature environment. Therefore, if the working temperature is relatively high, but the high temperature performance of the materials is relatively poor, the overall hardness and strength will decline, causing wear or deformation of the molds. Therefore, in terms of material selection for commodity molds, the requirements for high temperature systems must be very high, because the high temperature resistance of most metals is not particularly good, but the high temperature environment is a necessary condition for the work of such materials, so we must pay attention to the stability of materials under high temperature in the process of material selection.


In addition to the above, you can also pay attention to the professionalism of the manufacturers. The manufacturers with a high degree of professionalism have a clear basis for material selection. For example, Kaidi will evaluate the materials and then put them into production.

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